William Angliss

Orientation Day

photo 2016-02-11 11-58-21Finally the orientation day has come!! The orientation started at 8.30am and it began with lining up for our timetable in front of a lecture theatre. Students were grouped from A to K for their timetable and I got K. The timetable was a bit hard to read at first. There were clearly not enough spaces for all the information and some overlapping subjects in one day (UoM timetable was so easy, I was spoiled!!).  The teacher explained about this later on and now it makes sense.

From 9am to 12.15pm, it was all presentation about the school, safety issues, chef uniforms and other general things. There were also Q&A sessions throughout the presentation.

After that we had an hour for lunch. Every student was given a brochure with coupons for free water bottle and lunch. There were four food trucks waiting for us and I chose the Vietnamese one because it was less crowded compared to the others. Well, it was really good that I actually forgot I was supposed to be vegetarian that day (Lent Period).

In addition to the free lunch, the school also provided many kind of entertainments from DJ, massages, henna tattoo and even tarot reading!! I wanted to get a tattoo but I didn’t have enough time since the line was pretty long when I got there.

At 1.15 we gathered at the library to complete the numeracy and literacy tests. It took me about 30 minutes to finish the tests. After that we had our tour which was guided by Chef Paul. He showed us the kitchen, theory rooms, the bistro, locker areas and changing rooms. Chef Paul was really nice, he explained everything in details and answered all of our questions. Hope I can have him as my teacher one day 🙂

Having finished the orientation, I paid a visit to the Information Centre to pay my fees and get my student ID. The staff took a photo but I won’t get the student card till the next day.

Before going home, I went to the Club Chef to buy my uniform set and chef shoes. I chose the Birkenstock because my friend told me it is the best. The teacher also told us to get two sets of uniform but I only bought one that day because I want to see how it goes first.

photo 2016-02-11 16-35-50.jpg

Well, that was all about the orientation day. I hope you guys aren’t bored because it is pretty long. If you are wondering how do I look in those uniforms, come back next week!

See you later ❤


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