William Angliss

First Week – I am becoming a Chef!!

photo 2016-02-11 16-49-37
Selfie with the chef uniform!!

I really couldn’t believe that I’m actually back to school learning what I love.

The first week was more of an introduction for us. The teachers gave us a tour explaining all the equipments and tools in each class. They also showed us the emergency exit and the safety procedures if something happens. In all of the practical classes the chefs really emphasised on our uniforms, they have to be clean and ironed.

On Monday I have basic cookery class with Chef Sam. He is really nice as not only did he give us a kitchen tour, he also went through everything in our toolkit. We learned how to cut some vegetables and fruits the culinary way of course after Chef Sam showed us first. Then he went around the class checking every one’s work and gave us some feedbacks.

On Monday, I have Chef Paras teaching us about pastries. Chef Paras was an apprentice when she was really young and used to open a shop selling Greek desserts so she had many years of experience. We spent most of the time in a classroom because she had to go through all the procedures of food hygiene. We watched some videos and answered questions about it. 

photo 2016-02-16 20-33-30

On Thursday, I have Chef Fabien for my Produce Cakes class. He is a French!! I was hoping that we would finally make something since my cousin told me he made scones on his first class. But the Chef said it was not a good idea since its only our first week and most of us are still not familiar with the kitchen environment. So Chef Fabien did the demo in front of us instead.

My last class this week was coffee class on Friday with John. He is really funny and friendly. He made each of us introduce ourselves in front of the class which is really good because this way I did learn about my classmates and their backgrounds. There are some designers, an architect and other professions in the class so I’m not the only one changing career!!

It is only the first week but there are already so many assessments and homework to do. Bring it on!!

See you later ❤


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