William Angliss

Week 2 – Rush Rush Rush

My second week at the school was really busy, there were a lot of things to do in each class so we had to rush and even then we still finished late. But it was really fun because this week we actually made something and not just watching demos!!

For the cookery class we have to make a workplan every week which basically a summary of ingredients, equipments, recipes and sequence of tasks. It took me almost an hour to read and complete the workplan but I really think this is a good practice for us so we know what we need and what we have to do every time. This week we had to make salads and do some basic preparations which include making clarified butter for croutons, garlic butter, and tomato concasse. We also made our own dressings, vinaigrette for the garden salad and mayonaise for the potato salad. My fav of all things we made would be the croutons, they were fried with clarified butter and they tasted so good!!!!

We made Frangipane tarts and Viennese biscuits for this week class and we had to do it with our hands as our paddle, no Kitchenaid or even a whisk. After mixing, tart dough must be wrapped and chilled for about 20 mins to prevent it from shrinking when we work with it later. Then we made the filling and filled the tart as per below, this will be one of our assessments later so I might have to practice making it again at home. Then we made some Viennese biscuits, plain shortbread but tastes really good with coffee. Only mix the dough until it is combined otherwise it will be too hard for you to pipe the cookies. My pastry class finished at 9pm or later so we were able to bring these babies home otherwise they will be sold in the bakeshop.

This week of cake class is about Cake Faults. Chef Fabien showed us the correct cake and we had to make ours with different measurements and methods. I got to make one with hot milk, so I heated my milk in a saucepan until it is really hot. The teacher’s cake came out really nice and crumbly while our results really varied. This lesson taught us not to overmix/undermix our batter, substitute one flour to the other, reduce or increase our ingredients significantly. Mine didn’t come out really bad, it rose well and tasted good too.

Our coffee class will start early from this week onwards as we agreed to come at 11.30am than 1pm, which is good so I can have my coffee earlier 🙂 This week was all about black coffee and achieving good crema. The espresso extraction time should be around 28-30s, otherwise they are too slow or too fast which can be caused from overdosing/underdosing the coffee and other reasons. Jon wanted us to keep practicing making espresso and ristretto so we did, and by the end of the class we had three litre of leftover espressos. I decided to bring some home and made iced coffee from it, and it still tastes good.

See you later ❤


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