Rooftop Party

Yesterday, there was a rooftop fashion party hosted by Yelp Melbourne at L1 Studios. I was really lucky to come as Eliza’s plus one, she is a fashion blogger and make sure you check her blog out!!

photo 2016-03-02 17-16-46
Me and Eliza

Sass Clothing was the fashion sponsor for this event and there were four rooms in this party for each season, winter, summer, spring and autumn. I was really excited because it’s my first event and there were some food sponsors that I really like. We went there at around 5pm and stayed almost two hours trying the food and taking some really nice pictures.

The first I tried was this cracker paired with nitrogen cheese by Cornelius Cheese. The cheese came out in a whipped cream kinda shape, it was really light and delightful. There were also some tap wines in the first room.

photo 2016-03-02 17-18-14.jpg

The second room were occupied by Sushi Hub and Pressed Juices. I used to go to Sushi Sushi for takeaways but now I prefer Sushi Hub. They served some tuna, vegie rolls and nigiris too. I had the seared salmon that was blow torch in front of us, it was so good that we couldn’t just settle with one so we waited there for some more.

Pressed juices was one of the most favourite stalls yesterday, most of the flavours were gone by 6.45pm. I ended up getting the orange and carrot juice, it was sweet and refreshing.

photo 2016-03-02 16-46-01
Strawberry milk and Orange Carrot Pressed Juices

Then we went upstairs and everyone was holding a fairy floss from Spun Fairy Floss so we were tempted and got one each too.

I also took home one iced coffee from Sensory Lab and some cookies from Byron Bay.

It was definitely a memorable evening, thank you for the yummy food and Yelp Melbourne.

See you later ❤





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