William Angliss

Week 3 – it won’t get any easier!

When I say it won’t get any easier, I meant it. Because we were rushing last week and there were so much more to do this week in basic cookery and pastry classes. Nevertheless, I’m loving every second of it ❤

As usual Chef Sam did some demo in front of us explaining that day’s cooking activities which include boiling, steaming and poaching. We had to make pumpkin soup from scratch, cook broccoli, spaghetti, poached eggs and steamed chicken breast. There were not enough pots in the kitchen so we decided to make 1 recipe of vegetable stock between two. Out of all the dishes I made that day, I’m really satisfied with two things.First is my poached eggs because when the chef cut through it, the yolk was runny and its just an egg porn situation!! Second would be my pumpkin soup, chef tried it and he said it is really good. I brought the soup home,tried it for myself and I couldn’t agree more. I put less than 1/2tsp of salt for 500ml of soup but the soup really had so much flavour. I bragged about my soup to my mom so she asked me to make one when I go home.

This week we learned about Puff Pastry and I was so excited before the class started. But after the class I don’t think I will be making them at home any time soon. There are three different methods to do the lamination process (altering dough and fat) ; English, French and Scotch. We learned the English and Scotch method this week. We had to do 6 turns in total and we did the first two by hand and the rest with the help of dough sheeter. It is really important to allow some rest time after two turns otherwise it will be really hard to roll the dough and it won’t puff as it should be. We used our puff pastry to make pear galettes and palmier. The palmier tasted really good and not overly sweet especially considering the amount of sugar went into the dough.

For cake class, it has not been busy yet. We made an upside down pear cake this week. The recipe calls for brown sugar and sour cream, and the cake turned out to be super moist. The chef showed us two ways of cutting the pears, I chose the wedges because before baking it actually looked better. However, I was wrong and the other way actually turned out to be better looking for this cake.

Finally, last Friday we got to learn how to texture milk as every one had been waiting to do the milk since last week. We had to make macchiato, long black, cappuccino and cafe latte. I also got my chance to set up and clean the machine that day which reminds me of my time working in a cafe. Jon taught us how to texture the milk without having to hold the milk jug all the time and it worked really well. We all practiced making the espresso and milk several times. And I couldn’t sleep early that night because I drank almost three coffees >.<.

See you later ❤


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