Festivals week

Today I went to the South East Asia Festival at Argyle Square, Carlton. I didn’t expect it to be busy as there was not much marketing in social media. However, there were actually a lot of people when I got there at 1pm. There were over 20 food stalls so we had to browse around before deciding what should we buy.

The first dish we bought is this Taiwanese style Popcorn Chicken. The chicken were crispy and tender, but they were not cut small enough like how popcorn chicken should be.

photo 2016-03-12 13-36-37
Popcorn Chicken $8

Then we saw this beef wrap and ordered one portion of it. It was quite nice but I think the beef was a bit overcooked and it would be better if they put more sauce on it.

photo 2016-03-12 13-40-47
Beef Wrap $9

We needed some drinks so I bought a fresh OJ for myself. I know I supposed to buy something more Asian but I was just amazed with the making process. Now I want one of these machines at home too, life would be so much easier with them. My friend had her eye on the sugar cane so she had one, it was good but quite expensive.

This Vietnamese grilled pork was so tempting so we decided to get one with the lettuce cone. The grilled pork was really nice, they were sweet and tender. There was also some mixed salad underneath the meat.

photo 2016-03-12 14-01-43
Lettuce Cone $8

We were quite full so we decided to finish it with some Egg Waffles. This stall had the longest queue among all, we waited for about 30 mins in line before we could actually order. After that we were told that there will be another 1 hour wait for the waffles. We couldn’t back out because this is why we came to this festival in the first place. We waited for 1,5 hour to get our waffles so it was a total of 2 hours. The egg waffles were quite good, but the ice creams were all melted because the staffs didn’t close the freezer properly. It was worth a try but I don’t think I would wait another 2 hour for this.

photo 2016-03-12 16-25-17
All About Chocolate x Strawberry & Cream $10 each

We also bought a potato twister during the 2 hour waiting period. It was quite good but they only had chicken salt for seasoning and no other flavours.

photo 2016-03-12 15-06-05
Potato Twister $6

See you later ❤


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