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Week 4 – one of those weeks

There are 13 students in my class and each bench only accommodates 4 students so someone normally has to work alone. This week, the lucky one was me. I wasn’t late or anything, but everyone just seems to come earlier and earlier, which is a good thing. We learned about braising and stewing this week with Chef Gaby because our chef was absent. We knew that this lesson will be a long one so I was surprised that we finished on time. We made Osso Bucco, YES, it is the dish that always appears on Masterchef. It was not that hard to make but it took about 2 hours in total to cook so you really can’t mess anything unless you have all day.

We also made rice pillaf which I find really similar to hainanese chicken rice just with extra butter forked in at the end. This dish was really good, I brought it home and ate it for dinner. For stewing, we made ratatouille and stewed apples. I had ratatouille before and I didn’t like it because the vegetables were cooked till really soft so I made sure that mine still had a bit more crunch. My stewed apple was really sweet, I think I lost control on how much sugar I put in >.<

 We made sausage rolls with the Scotch Puff Pastry dough we made last week. So everything was made from scratch, including the filling. The recipe in the book was really short and simple but our teacher took it to another level by putting different kind of herbs into it. We rolled the dough till really long and made a production line. Everyone had a go in piping the filling, sealing the pastry, egg washing and decorating it. I reheat the sausage rolls in the oven few days later and they were really good. Will totally make this next time!

We made another pastry dough for our apple strudel. After mixing, we shaped the dough into a ball, rub some oil on it and let it rest before we could work it. We had to stretch the dough slowly with our knuckle until it is really thin. Chef made it so easy but when we actually did it, it was really hard. I think I messed our dough, it was really thin in the middle but the outside was really thick. We knew straight away that this wouldn’t be chosen for school’s function and would be baked that day for us. I don’t really like the smell of meat so having to work with it for hours just made me really clumsy for the rest of the class. I feel sorry now for my bench mate 😦

We had our first aid class starting this Thursday at 8am. It was hard for everyone since the rest of our classes are after 11am normally. This is a full theory class so I had prepared myself to be yawning but I actually found the class really interesting. What the teacher taught us is really helpful in our daily life, we might actually save people lives. We learned about CPR and practiced doing it with adult and baby mannequins.

We finally had a bit of rush this week, as you know cake class had been really slow and we could always take our time.We had to make a red chocolate cake, frost it with chocolate ganache and glaze it again with the leftover ganache. We used kitchen mixer this time but my cake batter was really lumpy. I suspect this is because the milk was cold but the Chef told us it was okay so we used it straight away. The ratio for the chocolate ganache was good for frosting but totally not for glazing, it was really thick and not runny.

My cake was kinda ugly when I got home so I decided to make it prettier. I basically used anything that I had at home that day, including the leftover homemade macarons!

photo 2016-03-10 18-30-04
On top : cake crumbs x macarons x popcorn x strawberries

In coffee class, we made ristrettos and macchiatos again. We also practiced texturing milk for cappuccino, latte and flat white. After making coffees, we normally bring it to the teacher to evaluate and he will always ask us to try. I still can’t enjoy the taste of ristretto, it is really strong and bitter for me. However, the cappuccino was good, it was sweet and creamy considering the coffee bean was not the best quality ones.

I have been really lazy this week as I am so desperately waiting for an email. Hopefully everything turns out well.

photo 2016-03-11 12-06-37
Let’s drink coffee to nail the week ahead!

See you later ❤


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