William Angliss

Week 5 – getting the hang of it

We didn’t have cookery class because it was labour day, I remember that I used to have lecture on that day because Unimelb doesn’t count it as public holiday. So I don’t have any progress on cooking class except that it will be assessment day on Week 6.

In Pastry class, we learned the thing that every pastry chef should know how to do. Yes, it is Choux Pastry!! The recipe that we used is really basic, it calls for water instead of milk. I made choux pastry before so I was quite confident in class. First, we made the dough by cooking water and butter, adding flour and mix it till the dough sticks to the pan. We need to let the dough cool down before we can add the eggs. We didn’t have the luxury to use stand mixers so we had to do it with wooden spoon. The teacher taught us how to see whether you have added enough eggs, you should run your finger through the batter and it should close quite fast. Too fast = too much eggs added in, not closing = put more eggs!!

I always use silicon mat at home but our teacher didn’t want to use it because she said the bottom of our eclairs won’t be flat. So we had to clean the black trays, grease them with oil spray and little bit of flour. The other difference I found is the piping tip, I normally used a star nozzle but we were told to use a plain one. Eclair will be on our assessment later on so I would just have to follow for now. Personally I really like the result from star nozzle, less crack. Our eclairs turned out great, they were really puffed up. But they were quite ugly plain, but after glazing them with chocolate and filled them with whipped cream, they are just as yummy! We didn’t have time to make pastry cream, so I would have to settle with whipped cream.

We had a test on Wednesday for First Aid. It was all multiple choice questions and I found it quite easy because I think I listened to the teacher all the time last week. There is no photo sorry, but I will share this $5 Pizza made by the students for Bistro Class. The bakery students are doing $5 pizza too but I prefer this one, the dough is not too thin with good amount sauce and cheese.

photo 2016-03-17 12-09-06

This week we made two cakes, fruit cake and hazelnut cake. But none of them could be taken home because they were for Stage 2 or 3 students. I never ate fruit cake because I don’t like sultanas and I don’t think I will ever try now. There were so many fruits in the batter, like literally it is fruits with cake not a cake with fruits. We didn’t need to give aeration to this cake because it has to be dense otherwise the fruits will sink.

Chef didn’t spoil us this week so we had to mix everything by hand. My partner creamed the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy while I had to whip egg whites till stiff peak. I never actually did this by hand because I always have a hand mixer at home at least. It was a good exercise though 🙂 After that we had to put 1/3 of the meringue to the batter and just fold it until combined, like Macaronage!!

I never buy coffee on Friday these days because I know I will have a lot of them in class. Jon let us made one affogato each at the start of the class, maybe this was just to make us awake but we couldn’t say no. Then he taught us how to make weak, normal and strong lattes. I really like the three colours they produced, its like Ombre!

We also chose the coffees we are making for assessment later on, two black and two white coffees. I chose ristretto, short macchiato, latte and flat white. We practiced making our four coffees for the rest of the class till we ran out of milk and he had to grab some more. I practiced some latte arts too but they are far from good. Practice makes perfect!!

This week I feel so much better than last week. I feel like I start getting the hang of school and hopefully it will better from now on.

See you later ❤


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