William Angliss

Week 6 – my first assessment!!

On Monday, everyone was early and ready in the kitchen. We had our theory test and practical assessment afterwards. We had to make a lot of things: Julienne Carrot, Tomato Concasse, Orange Segment, Diced Onions, Chopped Parsley, Breadcrumbs, Rice Pilaf, Steamed Chicken Breast, Poached Eggs and Boiled Spaghetti. I should have started with Rice Pilaf because it needs to go in the oven. However, I only had one pot so most of the times, I had to use my bench-mate’s big pot for steaming chicken breast and cooking pasta. The four of us ended up using my small pot to do tomato concasse and poached eggs, sharing is caring much?? Everything else was good except my spaghetti was undercooked although I have added 1 more minute from the cooking instruction. My rice pilaf was also a disaster, it came out really sticky and overcooked. Thankfully I still had time so I made another one and it was good.

In pastry class, we made quiches and Portuguese Tarts. We made everything from scratch that day except the puff pastry for the Tarts. The dough was already there with cinnamon sugar, we had to roll and line out the tart moulds. Then we filled the shell with custard. The Portuguese tarts came out really sweet and creamy for my liking, I like eggy filling for my egg tarts normally.

Every bench (2 people) had to make a wholemeal short pastry for the quiche, rolled it and lined out about 9 tart moulds. After that, it was more of a whole class production, I was assigned to cut mushrooms while someone else was blanching spinach, cutting capsicums, bacons and etc. Then we filled the tarts with cheese, the cooked filling and savoury custard. I tried the vegetable quiche at home and it was good, but I’d prefer a thicker pastry next time.

We started half an hour later for First Aid Class because our timetable was wrong. There was no assessment this week, it was all theory and First aid demos. We learned about burns, scalds, dehydration, strains and sprains. The class normally runs for 3,5 hours so there are always a lot to process and we are having another test next class.

After that we had our cake class. We made a swiss roll with a traditional sponge recipe which only has eggs, sugar, flour and corn flour as ingredients. I made sponge cakes so many times but I never actually made swiss roll. I did try once but my cake was too dry so I couldn’t roll it. The key to a successful swiss roll is never let your cake dry, you can prevent this by not overbake it or transfer it to a wire rack once baked and cover it with a damp cloth. We did ours with a dry cloth because our cake was not dry at all. It came out really well and I’m really happy for my first attempt. Then we filled it with German buttercream, the base is custard then you whip it to cool down, add butter and flavour. Chef also taught us how to pipe some basic chocolate decorations. I didn’t have enough chocolate so I couldn’t really practice the decorations.

 We didn’t have coffee class this week because it was Good Friday. I’m sad because I really enjoy this class. Next week will be a school holiday so I’m going on a short trip and will be back on the 4th. I have a class that day so hopefully my plane is on schedule.

Have a great Easter everyone!! See you next week ❤


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