Easter Break – Singapore!!

I went to Singapore for a week during the Easter break. I got a cheap ticket, it was only $500 return with Scoot. I didn’t go to Universal Studio  or Marina Bay Sands or any other tourist attractions this time as I went there last year. This trip was all about eating and meeting friends ❤

Day 1

My flight from Melbourne was at 1.20pm and I arrived at around 6.30pm Singapore time.Since it is a budget airline, i expected it to be like AirAsia. However, it was so much better, the plane was dreamliner model and the seats were wider than other budget airlines. It was comfortable but I couldn’t really sleep on board so I was a bit tired. Elis, my bestfriend from grade 7 picked me up from the airport. We had dinner at a Korean restaurant and went to her apartment in Queenstown. I stayed at her place for the whole week.

Day 2

I started the day with a hot coffee from Toast Box. It’s not your regular latte or cappuccino but it’s really good and I had it almost every day. We stayed at home the whole morning and afternoon taking care of Elis’s niece. She is only 8 months and she is really cute. We went out for dinner at Chilis, it is similar to TGIF in Melbourne. We were really full with the main dishes but I couldn’t leave without ordering the molten cake. I know you are drooling too!! After dinner we just walked around Clarke Quay, its a good spot for hanging out and there are so many restaurants around the area.

Day 3

We went to Tiong Bahru for breakfast, Hawker style. I had the hainanese chicken rice, it was only $4 and its really good. Later on we went to Somerset and met my high school friend who was on vacation too. I tried the super famous froyo, LlaoLlao. Then we had some gyoza nearby. We also tried the mini Salted Egg Croissants from Breadtop, they are really yummy, great combination of salty and sweet. After so many food we still had dinner at Tim Ho Wan. My fav dished would be the Baked BBQ Pork Bun, Spinach Dumpling and Pork Dumpling. They are now open in Melbourne too!!

Day 4 

I had lunch with Stefanus, he is also my high school friend and he is currently studying supply chain in Singapore. We had lunch at Tonkichi in Takashimaya, as you can tell from the name this is a tonkatsu specialised restaurant and it was quite good. We walked around for about two hours and went home. I met my Trinity friends from Singapore later that night for dinner. I told them I want something more Singaporean style so they decided to eat crabs somewhere in Buona Vista. We had one garlic & vermicelli crab and salted egg crab with fried mantous. I was so happy I ate so many crabs!! After that we walked to Holland Village to try the 2amdessertbar. We ordered three desserts and my favourite is the green tea tart. The matcha flavour was strong but it was not bitter at all. The desserts were really adventurous in terms of flavour, we didn’t finish some of the sorbets because either it was bitter or bland.

Day 5

I had my morning coffee from Toast Box again and boarded the MRT to Changi Airport to pick up my boyfriend. It was lunch time and we were really hungry so we went straight to eat Crispy Pork in Lavender. I read about this place from Daniel’s food diary and the crispy pork was indeed yummy!! Then we dropped his luggage and went to Takashimaya again to meet his friends. We had some snacks as always. We went to Telok Ayer for dinner with the Singaporean couple at the top picture, we had chinese food. We were full but we didn’t stop there, my friends brought us to a hidden bar called Operation Dagger. The place looks like an Aesop store and all the drinks were really unique and interesting. One of the perks of going with local people I guess.

Day 6 

Me and Mr H went to Tiong Bahru again for Hawker style breakfast and got some pastries from Tiong Bahru Bakery. They are almost as good as Lune Croissants but cheaper and bigger in size!! My friend mentioned this Bingsoo place called Icelab near Somerset so we tried it. We got the first one on the menu because that’s the only one with red bean. The snow ice was really soft and milky, it was huge but we managed to finish it. We went to Orchard again to meet his friends, I actually think I went there every day for some reason other than shopping!! We had one prawn noodle from the food court because Mr H kept saying how yummy it was and yes it was delicious!! Then we did some window shopping but I didn’t buy anything since nothing looked good when i tried them. It was almost 7pm but we wanted to try the famous Lady M so we did. The place was huge and really beautiful, mostly white with bright lighting. The cakes were not really fancy but they’re simply delectable, my fav was the checkered one. We continued our food journey to Old Lai Huat for seafood feast. There were only five of us and we ordered five main dishes so yes we were really full. Nevertheless, every dish we ordered was amazing.

Day 7 

Mr H had his marathon in the morning so I went out with Elis to Buona Vista. I bought some baking supplies from Poon Huat again, they are really cheap and complete compared to Melbourne stores. After that went to Somerset again for hotpot at Hai Di Lao which I have been waiting to try. I had high expectations since people keep mentioning this place. They provided free drinks, snacks and even manicure while you are waiting for your table. We didn’t wait long since I already booked the table, I wish I came earlier though for the free nail service. It was quite expensive but really great, totally recommended for all hotpot lovers. All the waiters are Chinese but the service was excellent. We walked around for a bit and Mr H went back to Jakarta that afternoon with his friends. I wanted to shop so Elis accompanied me but I didn’t buy anything until we went to Vivo City. I bought this bucket bag, it’s not Mansur Gavriel but still it is cute. We had noodle for dinner and went home to pack my stuffs.

My flight was at 1.20am and I arrived in Melbourne at around 11am. I got home at about 1pm, had a shower and went straight to school. I only slept halfway through the flight home so I was really tired but I didn’t sleep in the class!! No regret because it was a great holiday and I got to see Mr H and my friends.

See you later ❤


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