William Angliss

Week 7 – more assessments

This week was really hectic, I had two online tests, one theory assessment and two practical assessments. I felt really tired too, probably because I went to school straight on Monday without any rest, I had time to drop my stuff and take a shower but that’s it.


This week’s class was about shallow frying, deep frying, sweating, sauteing and cooking with wok.The difference between sweat and saute is in the colour, you don’t want any colour for the former while for the later, you want it until golden brown (mine is too dark too). Even making fried eggs was not easy, we had to make sure that the white is set and the yolk is still runny. I moved my pan too much so the white actually went to the yolk.

I was quite confident with the stir fry vegies since I make this a lot at home. We actually blanched the broccoli and cauliflower before hand, while normally I just cook them straight in the wok.

The yummiest thing we made that day is the apple fritter. At first I didn’t want to try the apple fritter because we put yeast in the batter and it smelled funny but they actually tasted good when they are still warm.


This is our last pastry class and it will be yeast with the same teacher next week. We had to make 8 frangipane tarts, 8 chocolate eclairs and 600grams of shortbread dough for our practical assessment. I also prepared a workplan for this week only and had everything planned out. The teacher told us the sequence of tasks and we followed it. I was not really confident with rolling pastry for my frangipane tarts, but they turned out well.

Our enemy was time as always, I was on track with everything. Then suddenly it was 30 mins left, my tarts were still in the oven and my eclairs were not done too. I managed to finish everything but 10 mins late. Chef said my tarts were really good, the pastry was just enough not too thin or thick, FYI she took some of mine. For the eclairs, I got the texture right and the Chantilly cream too. However, I got minus for not finishing on time, messy workbench, and my chocolate glaze was dripping. Luckily I still got an A so I am happy 🙂


It was our last class and we had the last theory exam. I did really well on the exam so I’m just waiting for the final result to come out. Hopefully another A…


We made Genoise Cake this week which is basically sponge cake with an addition of melted butter. We had to whisk the eggs manually till ribbon stage. Whipping egg whites was hard, and this was even harder!!  We had to whisk cream as well for the Chantilly cream. My hand was sore afterwards, but NO Giving UP because we have to do these again for our exam next week.

Chef gave us one transfer sheet each to make our chocolate decorations. It was my first time playing with this sheet so it was really fun and messy. I wanted to try making some flower cuts and I did, not the best but you can still see the flower shapes.


It felt really good to be back in coffee class, I have missed my free coffee! We started our practical assessment this week. Since there are 13 students in the class, there should be 3-4 students doing the assessment per week. I didn’t want to do it this week but while I was practicing, the teacher came and asked me to do it. I was the second so I still had some time for practice. I did so well for the practice but not really during the assessment, I was shaking a bit. I finished serving the coffees within 6 minutes but I forgot to check my cups and plates. One cup and one plate were a bit dirty but everything else seem okay. The teacher didn’t tell us the score yet so I had to wait till it comes up online. We still had to attend the next classes for attendance purpose, hopefully it won’t be boring.

I am a bit sad to see that I’m almost at the end of Term 1, time flies!!!

See you later ❤


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