William Angliss

Week 8 -last cake class :(

This week’s lesson was about roasting and grilling. For roasting, we made roasted pumpkin, potato and chicken leg. We have our own oven under each stove but Chef preheated the three professional ovens in the kitchen and we all wanted to use it.It was kinda a disaster, we know that we can’t open the oven door too much but we did it anyway. The temperature went down so many times so some of us decided to do our chicken and potato in our own oven. My potatoes were cooked completely but the skins were not crispy because it wasn’t hot enough when I put them in the oven. I always use chicken breast when cooking at home so to clean the chicken leg was something I never did. I didn’t really like it but this will be on the assessment next week!!

For grilling, we did grilled steak, zucchini and fish. Chef asked us to make it medium rare to medium and this will also be on our assessment next week. I cooked my beef 3 mins on each side and the temperature was above 55 but it came out a bit too rare. I am also not a big fan of steak so I gave away my steak after class. The only thing I ate was the grilled fish, we just seasoned it with salt and pepper but it tasted really good. Next week will be our last class with Chef Sam and we are really sad because its been a really good class so far. Chef also said that he loves teaching our class because he can see that everyone pays attention and really eager to learn.

We are still with Chef Paras on Tuesday but its yeast class now not pasty anymore. The whole class worked as a group for the yeast class whereas we used to work as a pair for pastry. We made white bread dough this week and we used the machine to mix everything together, 12,5kg of flour was involved in the making. Then Chef took some of the dough and showed us the differences between undeveloped and well developed dough. In pastry and cake classes, we don’t really want any gluten but with bread we want to knead more to get the gluten. The well developed one tend to be whiter in colour and less dense in texture.

We divided the dough to make dinner rolls, vienna rolls, and cobb rolls. It was really fun, because everyone got a chance of rolling the dough, seeing them rise, going into the prover and oven. As usual we are lucky to have an evening class so we could take home the breads otherwise we will have to give them to the bakeshop to be sold.

We had our practical assessment for cake class last thursday. We had to make genoise sponge cake that we made last week. Everyone was so early and so quick in preparing the equipments and it was not even 1pm yet. We had to make everything ourselves, no sharing with your bench mate too. Remember that I lost point during my pastry assessment? So this time I brought some chuxs and wiped the table all the time. I usually whisk my eggs for 10 mins with Kitchenaid so to do it manually is a total workout. We also had to whip the Chantilly Cream on top of that. We had four hours to do everything including cleaning so if we messed up the cake we can redo it. Thankfully, everything was good so I could take my time and while waiting for the cake to cool down I prepared the decorations. I didn’t want to do too much so I just cut the chocolates into triangle pieces.

Then we brought our cakes to the front and waited for our turn. Chef Fabien said he will give me a full mark regardless the result of my cake and he didn’t really go through each of the points on the paper. I was surprised to hear that and he explained that I have been a really good student, I always answer before he even asked questions(not that I can’t read minds >.<). He saw that I really want to learn and I will go along way if I keep doing this. I was so happy and almost burst into tears when I told him about my story. So sad that it was the last class with him this semester, he’s just so nice and always encourage us to try our best. I really hope that he will teach me again next semester.

Coffee class started at 1pm this week instead of 11.30pm so I and some of my classmates when out for some Korean lunch. At the start of the class I quickly made my coffees because I couldn’t touch the machines later on as everyone’s practicing for their assessment. It was a bit boring because I couldn’t just jump on to the machine. One more week to go until then I will just practice my latte arts.

This week has been a busy one but next week will be an even tiring one for me. I have one good news and will reveal it soon!!photo 2016-04-15 15-46-05

See you later ❤


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