William Angliss

Week 9 – End of Term 1

I’m sorry for the super late post of week 9, I have been really busy for the past few weeks and yes a bit lazy too. Term one has ended, which means no more basic cookery and coffee classes.

We had our final assessments during the last class, theory and followed by practical tests. We had to make a lot of things but we were given 4 hours so I took my time. I was the last one to finish everything but I still had plenty of time to clean and wash after. My potatoes and chicken were not as crispy as I wanted them to be but they were better than the previous class. The apple fritters looked and tasted really good too. I cooked my steak 4 mins on each side and it turned out to be medium rather than medium rare, but it was still acceptable.

On Tuesday, we baked more breads. Mixing is easy, you just put all the ingredients together and mix until the dough is ready. But the later process is not so easy, it’s time consuming because you need to let the dough rest few times. After the first rest, you need to portion each dough into a ball, let it rest again, shape it, let it proof and finally bake it.

It was my last coffee class and all the machines were really busy because at least 5 people were doing their exams that day. I managed to make one coffee at the start of the class and just keep making more whenever I saw any unoccupied machine. I still couldn’t do proper latte arts just some shy and fat tulips. I’m gonna miss this class so much and of course the free coffee!!!

See you later ❤


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