William Angliss

Semester 1 – Term 2

Hi Guys!!

It’s been a long time I know. So in term 2, I only had two classes, Bistro Class with Chef Sam and Produce Yeast with Chef Paras.

Bistro Class – I think the aim of this class is to let us experience working in the real kitchen, how to do preparations ahead and produce food for customers. We have entrees (Salumi  Board, Fritto Misto), Salads, Pizzas, Pastas and Desserts, all for $5 each. Our class was on lunch time so we normally just get orders for Pizza, Pasta and couple of desserts. The teacher rotated our section every week and so far I had been on Main, Pizza, Dessert section and Head Chef once. We made our own pizza dough from scratch, let it rest then roll it, fill it and bake it in the pizza oven. It only takes around 1 minute to cook the pizza because the oven temperature is over 250C. For the desserts, we had Panna cotta, baked cheesecake and hazelnut torte. I didn’t really make anything because we didn’t sell much so there was always some desserts on hand and we just had to plate them. There was no assessment or anything, the teacher evaluated our performance every week so as long as you come to class and do your job well you will be okay.

Yeast Class – we made so many delicious pastries during this class. We learned how to make white bread, sourdough, ciabatta, croissant, danish, brioche, laminated brioche and more. I already posted some of the bread photos in my previous post. The only down thing about this class is we always run out of time and it will be better to get an extra hour or make some lessons into two classes. For example is croissant, you couldn’t really see the lamination and it was definitely under proofed as we were rushing to get it into the oven. But everything else was great, the danishes were beautiful and we also made Naan Bread and ate them all in class.

For the practical assessment, we had to make brioche a tete and bee sting. My partner and I were on time but we took out the brioches from the proofer too quick so they were a bit under proof and hard. But the pastry cream, bee sting topping and everything else were great so I still got an A 🙂

Now on holiday and I can’t wait for semester 2!!

See you later ❤




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