Pastry School · Stage 3

Semester 3 – Term 1

Hi Everyone,

It’s been so long since my last post so forgive me 🙂

I’m already in my last semester now and actually I’m a bit worried. Time flies so fast and I’m still not sure what my next step will be. But for now there are so many good opportunities so I’m just going to enjoy and get the most out of them all.

This term I have two theory (Food Safety Program & Budget) and three practical classes (Sugar, Showpiece & Cake Decorating). I go to school three days a week and all my classes are in the morning and I like it because I have more time to spend after classes and these just make my days more efficient. So here are what I’m learning at the moment:

Sugar Work

One word : HARD! We boiled different colours of sugar on our first class so we don’t really have to keep boiling every time. Sugar is really hard to work with, too hot it will melt, too cold it will set straight away. I have cold hands so it sets faster when I hold it. Luckily, we have heat lamps although once the sugar is set it is going to take some time to be able to play with it again. We have to use gloves to prevent any moisture getting into our sugar and also because we are working with hot stuff. These past few weeks have been really hot especially in the kitchen so most of our sugar just collapsed. We had to take 15 mins break from the kitchen because it’s that exhausting.  After three weeks, we are now moving on to using Isomalt which is made from beet sugar. Isomalt is so much better because it doesn’t crystallise and discolour easily like normal sugar. We have made sugar straws, flowers and little decorations.

Decorating Cake and Cookies

Finally the fondant class that I have been waiting. I haven’t really use fondant on my cakes because I’m not a big fan and I’m not really good at decorating so I need to work on this. I actually have two fondant rolling pins sitting at home, a small one and a big one that my friend gave me for my birthday last year. Now its time to use them I guess. We just practiced piping on our first class and that’s when I realised my chocolate writing is far from acceptable. So I have been practicing this every now and then. Then we made some royal icings and decorated some cookies, they are really cute and not that hard to do. We have also made petals and roses this week, strangely it was quite enjoyable compared to the marzipan class.

Sweet Buffet Showpiece

This subject is about making edible showpieces which you normally see in a buffet, banquet and others. The first couple of weeks, we made it with pastillage which is quite similar to gum paste but it dries faster and stronger. It is important to ensure that your bench and tools are clean because this medium is really white and it will show even a little dirt. We had three options and I chose the masquerade. It turned out okay but some of the colours didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. After that we moved on to making chocolate showpieces. We had to design our own showpiece and make templates for the base and upright pieces. Nature is the theme for our class. I chose quite a simple design because I don’t want to overdo it and not being able to finish it at the end. I’m quite happy with the result, and just need some extras for the final assessment starting next week.



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