Stage 3

Stage 3 – End of term 1

We just finished all of our assessments for this term and we have one week break from school. It’s been a really busy month for me with school, work and intern. I have like three days of school, two days of internship at RACV and two days working at Kitkat so literally I have no day off normally. It’s a bit tiring but I am not complaining because I am learning more and more.

I think I did mention that sugar showpiece is really hard and I really thought I would fail this subject. Not sure what happened but everything went really well during the two days of assessment and I got an A in the end. Bye sugar for now, its been good working with you even with some minor burns.

I did my chocolate assessment by myself because I couldn’t attend my normal class. My teacher was really helpful, she organised all my stuffs and what I needed prior to the class. However, during the assessment the spray gun that I normally used was not working properly even after I cleaned and ran hot liquid through. Luckily, the teacher on the spot was really nice, he brought in another spray gun and it worked like a charm so I could finish my showpiece. I got an A too so I’m really happy although I had to go through some difficulties in the process.

photo 2017-03-28 20-57-20

We are now moving to chocolate confectionery and learn about tempering chocolates with marble slab. So fun and I really enjoy it so far.

Couldn’t believe I actually make a fondant cake after all these years. I was never interested but since it is a compulsory subject now I learned something. I chose a really simple design because I know I would have a lot trouble otherwise and teacher is not marking you on complicated designs. I got a B and its good enough, I don’t think anyone in my class got an A because our teacher would only give that mark to someone who can produce an industry standard cake. I didn’t really agree with this because some of my classmates made really good cakes and they got the same mark as me.


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