William Angliss

Week 6 – my first assessment!!

On Monday, everyone was early and ready in the kitchen. We had our theory test and practical assessment afterwards. We had to make a lot of things: Julienne Carrot, Tomato Concasse, Orange Segment, Diced Onions, Chopped Parsley, Breadcrumbs, Rice Pilaf, Steamed Chicken Breast, Poached Eggs and Boiled Spaghetti. I should have started with Rice Pilaf because… Continue reading Week 6 – my first assessment!!

William Angliss

Week 5 – getting the hang of it

We didn’t have cookery class because it was labour day, I remember that I used to have lecture on that day because Unimelb doesn’t count it as public holiday. So I don’t have any progress on cooking class except that it will be assessment day on Week 6. In Pastry class, we learned the thing… Continue reading Week 5 – getting the hang of it


Softserve Donut @Little Frankie

Today, me and my eating buddy decided to try the new hype in town, the softserve donut cone. So it is basically a donut shaped cone, filled with softserve of your choice and top with up to three toppings. The softserve flavours for today were V8 Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Vanilla Caramel Swirl. I chose the mixed… Continue reading Softserve Donut @Little Frankie